Friday, March 04, 2005

Nice Morning with Her....

I had a nice morning with H. It was nice to be able to spend some time with her... we have always called the phenomenon of being able to spend time together that we ordinarily would not have been able to spend as 'stealing time'. We used to steal quite a bit of time... playing hookey from work, or meeting for a few minutes for coffee or a lunch during the day, or whatever we would manage to make happen. I liked being here with her this morning.

I cooked up some breakfast for us and we sat and ate together... then H was off to get ready for work. She looked so wonderful, and felt so soft and delicious when I hugged her that I wanted to drag her into my bed and keep her there while I did any number of things to and with her... (growl!).

I saw her off and realized that I was in no condition to be out in public, so I took matters into my own hands and took care of that issue!! (Incidentally, I now only have five more to go before I can submit a specimen to the lab for testing - they have to make sure that there are no fishies after the vasectomy, at which time I can boink to my heart's desire without galoshes, or pills, or any other encumbrance.... discussing this test on the telephone to perfect strangers is somewhat strange, in case you were wondering... I guess it must be weird for them as well.)

Hopefully, these last five can be cranked out over the next few days and we'll have done with it!! (Good thing the man upstairs made my arms long enough to reach!!)

H is in for it when I get my paws on her!!!

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