Monday, March 21, 2005

Cinnamon Honey Butter

Yesterday (Sunday) was even better than Saturday, if possible! I woke up early and blogged for a while until Elysia woke on her own, then I crawled back under the covers to snuggle with her for awhile... which quickly turned to something else!

While she blogged away, I made a pot of coffee and some cinnamon honey butter and sliced up the last of the irish soda-bread (Friday night was corned beef and cabbage... we had some clansman over for dinner and had a great time. That's C-lan vs. K-lan by the way. We used to have themed dinners every Friday night and we had a blast, but everyone's schedule changed, and now they are too few and far between). Back to Sunday morning; I spooned the still warm cinnamon honey butter over the soda bread, and we had that with hot coffee - it was delicious!!

I sat and read while Elysia did computer stuff, and we listened to Sunday Baroque on NPR. It was very relaxing.

We headed out in the afternoon to a movie (Ring 2), then to dinner at a little Indian restaurant that we passed all the time, but had never tried. The food was great, and we ate until we couldn't breathe. Chiken Tiki Masala, Lamb Spinach, Spicy Vegetables, BBQ Chicken pieces, Basmati Rice, and salad with a spicy green dressing. It was delicious!

We came home and watched two more episodes of 24 (first season), and headed up to bed.

Now that the surgury is healed up and we are both more or less better from the upper respiratory thing that we had suffered from for so friggin long, we will be going back to the gym today. Yay!

Elysia is doing her Yoga right now.

We are both looking forward to getting back into the swing of things... we have both put on some weight, and that needs to go.

As for me, I know that the first week or two will suck, but I love the feeling of working hard, getting stronger, watching the pounds drop off, and watching the plates stack up on the bar as I get stronger. I'm pretty psyched!!

I better get my ass to work or I'll be something else!!

Slán go fóill

Way to go, Cassa!

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