Monday, March 21, 2005

Back to the Beginning

Finally... I am recovered from the surgery, recovered from the upper respiratory crud, and Elysia and I made it back to the gym tonight. It was a real ball-buster, not having worked hard in so long. I did my cardio, lifted some weights, and felt every minute of it, but its great to be back in the swing of things.

I am looking forward to the routine of sweating, and feeling my body strengthen, and become more flexible and (hopefully) leaner.

Diet is a big part, so we are back on a portion control and intake control footing, with Sunday as a free day.

I'm Starting out at 245lbs, 6 feet tall. I don't actually care about the weight, but I want to muscle up and get the fat off. If I gain weight in so doing, that's fine. I just need to tighten things up quite a bit.

I love this feeling of being pleasantly sore and tired.

I was very calm and mindful today. I had no sense at all of the passage of time. Since it was a gray day here on Long Island, the light didn't much change at all, so it seemed like 6AM all day long.



Elysia said...

If I were you, I would explain that the ??????! that appear periodically in your blogs are not expressions of disbelief, but rather Korean language symbols that do not show up on most people's computers. Otherwise they might think you are perpetually confused, instead of multilingual. 8-)

Kevin said...

Saw your link to me via Technorati; thanks very much.

For future reference--

안녕히계십시오, not "...개십시오," but pretty cool to see some Korean text all the same.

Your blog's a very good read, by the way.


Bear said...


감사합니다. 나는 한국말를 조금박이 몰아요.

만야게 (?) 아즈씨 하고 회화 하먼 좀 배월쓰 읶읍니다.

(나는 한국말 학교 안 단얐인이간 잘못 합니다, 미안합니다)


Thank you. I only speak a little Korean. Perhaps If we can converse a little in Korean It will help me to learn.

(I didn't attend a school to learn Korean, I just picked it up while living there... so I know that my korean, especially written korean, is very bad. I apologize if my written korean is so butchered up that it's hard to understand).


Kevin said...

Your grammar is great. It's obvious to me, based on the flow of your words, that you can hold your own when speaking. Spelling needs work, but then, so does mine, so I'm not going to ride you about that anymore. (My spoken Korean could use a lot of improvement, BTW.)

Please don't call me "adjoshi"-- I'm pretty sure I'm younger than you. At 35, I get called "adjoshi" a lot by folks younger than I am.

Rock on,


Bear said...


I promise not to call you adjoshi any more. I will now call you '늘근 할아버지' 정말앝합니다 - 장난야!

My spelling pretty much blows, I know.. I need to start reading korean publications or something.
(I actually appreciate it that you let me know when I screw up my spelling.. please continue to let me know the correct spelling if you are so inclined, it helps me a great deal).

Where in Korea do you live now??