Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Early Morning Rain...

I had a wonderful night's sleep... curled up with Elysia. I love the way she smells.. the way she feels; so warm, and soft..

Its a cold, gray, dreary day outside. I can hear the rain pattering against the windows every so often. In its own way, its a beautiful day.

The house is silent, except for the smallest sound of Elysia sleeping. I so wish I could crawl back into bed with her and sleep a few more hours.

Last night, Elysia wasn't feeling well at all. I rubbed her feet, scritchled her back, mugged her head, and brought her drinks. I made pasta and sauce with sausages, and we ate like hogs!
We headed up sort of early since we both haven't been feeling all that great for a while now. Sleep was definitely a needed commodity.

The official count is now down to zero (She took care of all the details... lucky me!). Now I just have to wait for the doc to send the prescription for the post-vasectomy semen analysis, and then I can get that bloody thing over and done with. Naturally, I am hoping that they wont find any fishies, which will mean that everything worked out the way it was supposed to.

I am feeling very calm and serene today. It would be nice to be able to have the day off and to be able to go to the arboretum and just stroll about and watch the rain and the trees, but, alas, it isn't in the cards.... so I am off to work.

It isn't as bad there as it was at first. I thought I was going to eventually end up crushing the Fly's head like a walnut, but he has backed off considerably. He has even let a sense of humor show through a time or two. I still don't know how to take him, so I just let everything flow past me. In any case, he doesn't make any decisions regarding my salary, my continued employment, or, actually, in just about anything regarding me... although he can think of miserable things for me to do. I laugh in the face of this because each time he has tried that, I did such a fantastic job that he stopped it altogether. Apparently, he cannot stand to hear anyone else get kudos for anything. A dark wind blows through that man's heart. I wonder what happened to him?? I sort of feel sorry for him in a perverse sort of way, which is why I don't go back at him when he makes his nast digging comments and whatnot. I guess I can see a hurt in there, and I don't feel right exposing it. I have decided to give him plenty of room, mind my business, do my job, and see where it goes.

I am becoming addicted to some of your blogs out there... I find that I am disappointed when there isn't a new post for me to read. I'm a strange duck....

I guess I should get my ass moving and get to work...

It sort of sucks to be forced to spend so much time away from someone you love in order to get money. I wish I could find a way to make a decent living that didn't necessitate my being away from her so much. Of course, she may very well need the time away from me to retain that last vestige of sanity, so maybe I shouldn't wish so much!!

Slán go fóill

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