Monday, July 11, 2005

I Opened a Can....

Today was one of those days when everything I touched turned to shit. At least at first. I had high hopes of getting a whole lot done in the front apartment, so that it could be shown. I wanted to replace all of the locksets - three in total, plus two deadbolts, paint the fireplace hearthstone (it was a mosaic of disgusting triangular pieces of ceramic, in primary colors; red, yellow, blue, orange, white (blech!!)), clean the mold off of the luan subfloor in the kitchen so that I could then put down the linoleum tiles, remove the bathroom vanity, replace the bathroom floor, replace the bathroom vanity with the new one, replace the bathroom counter top/sink, and replace the faucet and drain.. replace the toilet bowl flush handle, and replace the kitchen faucet.

Here's how Bear's day went:

Every single lockset was about an eight of an inch off... which necessitated time consuming chiseling (while shitting pickles in fear of cracking the door which would mean the whole damned thing would have to be replaced...).

All of the flashplates were then off center, and had to be re-drilled and re-chiselled.

The mold refused to come off of the fucking floor... despite furious scrubbing while on hands and knees with a stiff bristle brush. (I managed to get about 70% of it up. That's about as much as I will be getting up, apparently.)

The fireplace hearth stone had some peculiar surface that caused the paint to be repelled from numerous spots. So I had to repaint it over and over each time a coat dried... hopefully it will work out with the last coat... (sigh)

The vanity was the wrong fucking size... I thought I could use the one I had anyway, and simply turn the P-Trap a bit, but when I did my measurements (thankfully), the arc of the circle that the P-Trap would describe would place it out of alignment with the drain pipe/t-joint assembly... so the vanity had to go back. (just as well.. the medicine cabinet would have been off-center, which would have driven me out of my gourd).

So... I got nowhere near what I wanted to get done, done.

I am sweaty. Sore. Tired. Cranky. And slightly nauseous.. no doubt from the paint fumes, funk from the drain, and the clorox.

I am off to have some sushi, and perhaps a rest.

At least I got two air conditioners installed in this room (the computer room), and the bedroom. Last night I was pouring sweat all night long. It was miserably hot, even for me (I generally don't mind the heat or the cold... I stay pretty comfortable regardless.. but I was hot and sticky all night. Elysia must have been suffering a great deal.. poor girl..). Tonight will be better. Cool, and breezy!!

Okay.. enough snivelling. I'm going out to have a yummy dinner, after a yummy shower, and last night we watched some kick-ass fireworks!

So what am I bitching about, anyway??

Tommorrow will be a new can of worms!!


Kathy said...

I would say it was very productive day! Wore me out just reading about it.

Enjoy the sushi!

Bear said...

Well... some stuff got done.. but it was small beans compared to what really needed to get done, and didn't.. (Rats!)

The problem is that some of the bigger projects are holding us back from getting other stuff done... so it is pretty frustrating...

You can only do what you can do though, so we take what we are dealt, and deal with it... what else can ya do, right?

Shirley said...

My husband comes up with the same kind of lists. Like you're Superman, and can get that much done in a day.