Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Things I Would Say to My Wife if She Were Here..

In answer to Marcheline's post to me, entitled,"Things I Would Say to My Husband if He were Here..."

  • I Love You!

  • I am constantly amazed, baffled, and overjoyed that you love me and that you are my wife... I feel like a member of the most exclusive and coolest club in the world... I am SO happy being married to you!!

  • Someday may or may not ever come... I am content to wake up by your side, and to take joy in each and every moment that I have to spend with you... of all of the billions and billions of years... and of all the billions of people... and of all the billions of miles.... I managed to find you... to fall in love with you... and to make a life with you... how much more can I honestly ask of the universe in good conscience??

  • Working hard is what we do.... you look out for me... I look out for you... (But I can sew better and pick much better parking spots than you do... so you are lucky to have me around so that you can park in the best spots that I find for you!)

  • I agree that you are stressed out... and perhaps tired. As for the rest? I think you are the most beautiful woman I have ever laid eyes on... and I wish you could see yourself through my eyes...

  • I Love You!

  • You are the best friend I have ever had in all of my life... the most fascinating, coolest, amazing person I have ever known, and the light of my soul... I would be lost without you... thank you for being born during my lifetime and for being at my side in both the good times and the tough times... you are a true and sincere friend, and you have a place in my heart throughout this lifetime, and, I believe... in each and every other one... you make my heart sing, girl... you blow me away with your intellect, your inner strength, your resourcefulness, and your ability to roll with the punches, I admire you, I respect you, and I love you fiercely...

  • I want to jump your bones.

  • I would marry you anytime, anyplace, and under any circumstances.... If I woke up and found myself single, firstly, I would be very upset... secondly, I would kidnap a justice, minister, priest, shaman, or ship's captain... or whoever could do the job,..... within two minutes. So there. I couldn't (and don't want to) imagine not being married to you... you're my girl!!

  • Did I mention that I Love You??!

  • 1111 2222 191 6969!!!

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