Sunday, April 10, 2005


Today was an absolutely gorgeous day! I slept in until around 9AM, woke up to brilliant sunshine streaming in through the windows, and when I looked outside, all of the daffodils were blooming!!

After a cup of coffee, I wandered about in the garden and was just happy to be standing outside, under the sky, feeling the breeze on my skin and the warm sun on my face.

Since Sunday is a 'free day' diet-wise, we went out to breakfast, then went to our favorite nursery and picked up some plants; pansies, azaleas, salvia, columbine and creeping phlox, and headed home with them.

I replaced all of the mailboxes (there are three), because they were munged up and cruddy looking... and Elysia planted the plants, as well as about 100 bulbs.

The day was interspersed with phonecalls from various family members, and the work was leisurely, and enjoyable.

I am so lucky to be healthy, happy, loved, gainfully employed, and useful. On top of all that, I have a beautiful world to live in and so much to appreciate.

Thank you Lord and Lady.

My gorgeous wife's back is sore from all that work, so I'm going to go and prepare the hydrocollator for her, then I will rub her back for her and pamper her. She deserves it!

I'm happy!

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