Friday, April 08, 2005

My Shower Curtain is in Love with Me....

I enjoy being hugged. That is to say I selectively enjoy being hugged, if accuracy is important. I love my wife's hugs... she has hugs that let me know I'm loved, hugs that I can get lost in.. hugs that rejuvenate a worn out body and a tired soul. I like hugs from my family and my clansmen, they let me know that I'm loved and that I belong. One of my cats has learned to hug, and I love kitty hugs... I have recently been hugged, (once again), but I don't much like it at all.

My shower curtain loves me. It watches me as I shower, remaining aloof and somewhat withdrawn... but when I turn the water off, it reaches out and gathers me into it's embrace.

It's quite disgusting to be hugged by a wet shower curtain. I'm not sure why. I know that it's a clean shower curtain, and I am pretty good of keeping track of where its been. Nevertheless, I wish it would refrain from hugging me ever again.

(Perhaps I can be pursuaded into a kiss, however...)

I feel strong today, strong as an ox! I worked hard, and can feel my body beginning to respond, and to change already!

I did a strong 35 minutes of cardio, at about 65-70% of my max heart rate, then worked my legs with donkey raises for my calves, squats, hamstring curls and leg extentsions for my thighs, and then I worked my abs fairly hard.

I weighed in at 242 1/2 tonight. It isn't a weigh-in for record - Monday is weigh-in day... but, I can see some initial weight loss starting. I need to lose a lot, perhaps between 45-65 pounds. It will take at least a year or two, most likely longer... but, I'm a tenacious bastard.

I feel SO great about being back at the gym, and working hard. This is great!!

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