Tuesday, April 08, 2008

It can be hard to read the signs sometimes....

I went on a job interview today... I left with mixed feelings. I have had a running conversation going on in my head since I walked out the door.

"Well... he seems to like you!"

"Mmmm... not sure if it matters... the pay is pretty low..."

"Well, yeah... but only to start..."

"It'll be a while before it changes!"

"But it *will* change... besides... it's up to you!"

"Up to me??!"

"Of course!! Work hard, don't f*ck around, learn what you have to learn... and do a good job... he *said* he would reward good work/profitable performance as soon as he sees it... that he wouldn't wait!"

"Talk is cheap though..."

"Yeah.. it *is*... but he's in business to make money... if you learn to do the job, and do a good job, he will want to keep you... everybody there has been there a while... the shop is clean, everybody looked competent... it seems like a decent place to work!"

"But the pay really *SUCKS*!!"

"Your paycheck right now ain't lookin' much better, tough guy!!"

[BLUSH] - "No.... it isn't looking much better at all..."

"The phone ain't exactly ringing off the hook.... maybe the world is trying to send you a message... you need to do something different... and you need to start NOW!!"

"Yeah... but, it isn't the most glamorous job...."

"And every other job you had was?? It's honest work... and there aren't layoffs... he will recognize your effort, and reward it with better wages... plus, he said something about a benefit package that kicks in after 90 days!!"

"It probably sucks as much as the starting salary..."

"Asshole! Listen! You don't have *ANY* friggin' benefits... this job will provide you with steady work... it's about ten minutes away from your house, you don't have to use your personal vehicle, you aren't on a ladder or in a hole, or in the rain... and if you manage to learn this stuff and actually get good at it... you can make some decent money after a few years!! *DO* you have a better plan in the works??? You like sitting in front of your computer all day like a f*ck-in KNOB all day looking for work???"

"Not really, no... I feel like a loser...."

"... yeah... you feel like a loser... poor you! From where I'm standing... you're pretty much looking like a loser, too! an *unemployed* loser... so what are you going to do??"

"I'm not sure I can make it on what they're offering.... it's not good.... the money is tight..."

"Dick!! The money is friggin' RUNNING OUT right now.... you *can* make it, actually... you will just have to tighten up your belt for a while... besides, it won't last forever.... work your ass off, and you will make more money. Once you are an asset, they will want to keep you... this makes good business sense!! It's worth a try at least.... .. isn't it??"

"Once I commit to this... I won't be able to find anything better...."

"You won't be able to sit in front of your computer all day, you mean.... or poring over a newspaper...looking at all the marvelous opportunities.... culling through the PILES & PILES OF JOB OFFERS that you are getting all the time in order to choose just the right one, ay??"

"You don't have be so friggin' sarcastic... after all, you're me too, you know..."

"I think I do... you are hoping for something to be handed to you on a platter... all neat and tidy and ready to go... and I don't see that happening.... this is a chance to learn a trade... if the guy is a bullshit artist, you will still be making enough money to get by... until you find something else. The guy seemed ready to hire you on the spot.... from what I could see there, it doesn't seem like anybody in that place wants to judge you on anything except your job performance.... what the hell more do you expect?? You aren't working in filth... there are no dangerous chemicals.... the hours aren't awful... it's a job... you need to work.... the economy is tanking... and the company has been in business steadily for 25 years..."

"I'll be starting from scratch.... I don't know a thing about the job..."

"They're willing to train you.... besides, it's better to start from scratch at a new trade than starting from scratch looking for a place to live because you can't pay the bills.. isn't it??"

"It all sounds great when you put it that way... but I keep coming back to the money... and to the fact that the job probably becomes tedious after a while..."

"Yeah... the money is a big concern... but you have hope to improve it... and as far as the tedium?? Well, you never, ever, in all of your life before today... ever got up, shaved, washed, and dressed to go to FUN!! Did you??! It's a JOB.. and you can DO IT!! You can make some money, learn and improve... make more money, and maybe go to school down the road.. once you are earning a bit more... or find some other work if it becomes available.... this isn't a sentence... there are no contracts holding you there... if it doesn't work out, you will be right back where you are right now.... so what's the problem??"

"I don't know.... I am probably leaning more towards taking the job than not..... but I want to think about it and talk to Marcheline about it..."

"That's fine!! Talk away... think about it... but, just keep in mind that if you wait too long, the decision may be made for you... and you might miss a chance at something.... you need to quit thinking of this decision as an enlistment or something... if it sucks.. or if it isn't for you... or you decide it isn't working... you can find something different... this isn't rocket science, why are you being so freakin' wishy-washy.... don't be such a pussy!! You need a job.. and this is a friggin job. Period. Don't be a JACKASS!!"

"I will made a decision by business start-time tomorrow morning..."

"A mhaith-thĂș!! Good Lad!!"

".... :-) "

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