Monday, April 14, 2008

First Day...

I am home from my first day at the new job. The people are very nice, so far.. which is a pleasant surprise...

I had a great deal thrown at me, and unimaginable amounts of stuff to learn yet (I am starting at the bottom of the ladder... this is a new thing entirely for me.. so this was expected).

The job entails a great deal of time spent standing, and a lot of lifting, carrying, bending and stooping... so I am a little smoked; I will have to acclimate to this having spent a good while at a job where I sat in a chair the entire day.

Tomorrow, I expect I will be sore... and Wednesday will probably be worse!! But, this is part of the deal... I have been through this process before (the physical process of acclimating to a higher level of activity), so I know what I can expect... I don't look forward to it, but I am not averse to it either.

The first three months or so will more or less suck, and then it wont be as noticable... all in all, I like the job, and I think I will do okay here... Of course, I am still on the new guy 'honeymoon', so its hard to tell, yet... at first glance, though, I think it will all work out pretty well.


Windbell said...

Sincere greetings Bear,

Wishing you happiness in your new duty. I can relate to being new to a certain duty, our heart may feel a little tense, excited or we may get a little tired at the end of the day. Have you adapted to their new environment these few days? Hope you are happy there and may you contribute to the harmony of the community in your new workplace.

Thank you and may all your days be inspiring.


Bear said...

Thank you for your kind wishes. I am still in the 'fitting in' process at my new job, and trying to get my body to adjust to a new level of physical activity (translated as "every cell in my body hurts!!"), but the folks at my shop are friendly and helpful, and time will tell whether this is 'the' job for me... or simply 'a' job. So far, so good, though I will be glad when I am no longer hurting so much!! HA!!

Windbell said...

Greetings Bear,

Great to hear you have good friends over at the shop. You must be favoured by all others. In my little opinion, when we are in a new environment, it would be a little helpful if we are liked by others. There are times when we are in need of help, and others will lend us a hand. You are right to say time will tell if this duty is right for you. In the meantime, I feel it is still happy to explore a new environment, make some new friends, and express our our interest to contribute to the workplace.

When I started in my present duty some years back, I have the exact thoughts as you. I have settled down, taking a little step each day. At that time, I sincerely pray that I can have this connection with my new environment. And gradually, things settled down slowly.

May you be cherished and love by everyone - your family, your children, your colleagues, your boss, and all people with whom you are on close terms.