Sunday, October 02, 2005

I am very curious...

I have a reader, who stops by each day. Sometimes a few times a day. They are from the city of Corroios, in Setubal, Portugal. Whoever they are, male or female, they run Windows XP on their computer, and view my blog with Firefox 1.0.6 on a 1280x1024 monitor screen. I know the dates and times of the visits, thier ISP address, and their internet service provider. But that's it!

I'm very curious to know who you are, what it's like where you live (I have been to Lisbon, for a very short visit, many years ago.. but that's it), and whatever else you feel comfortable telling me.

If you decide that you would prefer not to come forward, that's fine also. I just want to say that I know you come by, I am happy that you do, I hope you enjoy my blog, and I want to say 'Welcome!'

I have readers from so may other countries, as well, and from all over the United States, too!

I wish I could get to know a little about all of you... I know that I can't, but, I still would like it...

It's really cool that so many of you are stopping by from time to time to read this drivel that I write. It makes me see my world differently, knowing that I may be putting it to 'paper', so to speak... I look at everything around me (and listen, and taste, and smell, and feel...) a little bit more closely than I otherwise would... so, in a way, you have all helped me to live my life a little more fuller, or with more depth than I otherwise would.

Perhaps I entertain you to some extent, make you think, give you a laugh or a chuckle from time to time, or even piss you off from time to time.. but You folks make Me see and experience my world with a little bit more color and flavor than before....

I think I am getting the better deal, somehow...

Thank You. Each and every one of you. It is a *Wonderful* gift, even if you weren't aware that you were giving it... I want you all to know that I still appreciate it.

Hey, Portugal!! Drop me a line, say hi!! India?? (Both Delhi and Calcutta), you guys too, okay?? Tanzania, who are you?? How about my Brits?? Dunbartonshire, Lambert, Leeds, Cambridgeshire, Shepshed - Leicester,... Hello! Singapore! Valencia, Spain! Igra, Udmurt in the Russian Federation! T'uk Pyol Si in Seoul Korea (AhnYoungHaShimNiKka?? Irreum-I Mwuh-Shim-Ni Kka?? Hanguk mal eu-rro jom eyagi hae do, igeul-sseu isseumnida! Chingu rreul hapshida!) (Hangul do halsu isseumnida!), Canada - Ontario, Montreal, Calgary, all of you guys... All of my fellow Americans... from practically every state in the union, the Kiwi from Auckland, New Zealand, and all the rest of you!! Hello! Welcome! Say hi! Who are you guys??!!

Where are ya from? What do you do? What are you like?? Do you like my blog?? What else do you do for fun?? Got any great recipes?? Can you teach me how to say Hi or thanks in your language??

I know you guys are out there, I wonder who you are... It's really nice that you pop in from time to time... thanks guys...

Take Care...

In Peace and Brotherhood,



sourcedoc said...

Hello, Love your blog

Dawn - Reno Nevada USA

Bear said...

Hey Dawn,

Thanx for stopping by, and double-thanx for dropping me a line!

[doing snoopy dance]

Thank you for the compliments!


I hope you will continue to pop on by and visit from time to time. Don't be a stranger, okay?

Take Care,


Belle said...

Hi Bear,
I have only just stumbled upon your blog. Read this entry and thought it would be appropriate to say hi. Im not the orginal Kiwi from Auckland, alas second best shall have to do!! Have enjoyed my read and i will certainly be back!
Thank you

Bear said...

Hi Belle, Welcome!

You were spot on! It is *entirely* appropriate for you to say hi!

Second best? Pfah!

What do you do in Auckland?? (Meaning, what is your occupation? Do you work? Are you a student? What sort of fun stuff do you do there??)

I'm glad you enjoy my writing! You know, when I first began blogging, my purpose wasn't actually to write for anyone else at all. I didn't mind if others read my writing, but I was actually writing as a method by which I could articulate my own thoughts and feelings so that I would be able to work through a what I felt was a very difficult and stressful situation. This has changed over the past months, as has my blog...

In any case, I'm so glad that you stopped by, and I so hope you will again, and soon!

I post as often as I am able to find the time to do so... I generally have a few posts swimming around in my head trying to form themselves into something more or less complete. When one floats to the top, I sit and work on it until it feels right... I am not a writer by trade, nor have I ever been, so I am enthralled by the response that I have gotten to my writings... It comes as a surprise that anybody at all would find this the slightest bit interesting...

I am very pleased that it appears to be so....

Of course, the payback to me is that I am aware that people will in fact read what I write, so I am always very much tuned in and sensitive to everything that is happening around me, ever alert for ideas, thoughts, feelings, or situations that strike me as something that I want to comment on or relate...the result of this, other than Blog-fodder, is that I am so very much more immersed and engaged in my own life that it seems odd to me that I wasn't always this way...

Its a good thing!

Thank you for taking the time to reach out..its a pleasure to meet you, Belle.

Take Care,


belle said...

Hello again,
As you may have seen i popped in a couple of times yesterday, but whenever i went to leave you a message my computer packed a sad and deleted what i had been writting (typically when i had just about finished!)

Thank you for your welcome :)

In Auckland i work as a Office Administrator - but am currently looking into changing jobs as this is not challenging me (there is only so much paper one can organise!) I live with a flatmate in a delightful little house which is situtated in a secluded little bay in the bush, it is very tranquil and everything a girl could wish for.

It is interesting how people are so interested in other peoples lives. I know for me i just like to hear other peoples stories, their experiences. And it is always interesting to hear a new opinion.

It must be interesting for you to share your storie/life experiences and get feed back, positive or negative. Isn't the internet amazing lol. Does it take you a long time to get things written? To find just the right words? Because it seems to come naturally to you (as far as a reader can tell) i think you express yourself well, and i enjoy your writting.

Best pop this off before computer decides to throw a hissy! Hope all is well.


Bear said...

Hi Belle,

I have been trying to answer this comment for the past four days, but for some reason I have been having difficulty getting the popup window to open. I finally typed in the link manually, and after trying for about a half an hour to get this page to load, it has loaded, and here I am! (Your computers hissys have migrated, it would seem ;-) )

What sort of work are you looking for?? Do you have any idea, or just something new??

As far as my blog is concerned, I originally started writing this thing not at all with any readers in mind. It was actually to help me to gather and attenuate my own thoughts, and to try to work through a rather difficult situation that I was faced with at the time... readers sort of just showed up, and I found that I was pleased by this, and, honestly, very surprised!!

Thank you for all of the compliments..

I agree with you about how interesting it is to get a glimpse of someone else's life... its very, very cool!!

Don't be a stranger, okay??

Talk to you soon,


Belle said...

Hi Bear,
I was looking for work in the design field as i have qualifications in that area, however when i finished uni i needed a job quick and there were lots of administrator jobs around at the point and i nabbed one for moneys sake. However i have now decided to stay with my job as my boss is moving to the states and wants me to go with him for a 3 month sint - if i enjoy it i can stay. So yeah, watch out Anaheim here i come. Very exciting for a wee lass who has not yet left NZ.

I am enojoying conversing with you, its interesting to read peoples blogs, makes you feel like you know the person. Sometimes faulsly, however chatting to you makes it more real (excuse that crappy english) turns you into a real person.

Am now going to scroll back up and read your newest entry :).