Sunday, January 15, 2006

Johnny Come Lately...

I was reading Cat's Blog today, and came across this post about a meme that my wife had posted on her blog. I instantly remembered two things upon reading this;

  1. I remembered having read this post on my wife's blog, and;

  2. I remembered that I had intended on participating in the meme, and that I never actually had! (what a dweeb!). As a general rule, I never participate in these sorts of things, though I'm not sure why (I just don't). This one seemed as though it would be a lot of fun to do, and, in fact, it was!! I had a blast, and laughed my ass off quite a few times! So. Here I am... only a few months late, and here is my response:

1. Town that I was born in:

2. Town in which I currently reside:

This is actually a photo of my street, taken at the end of the 1800s or early 1900s. It is still a beautiful street, but most of the trees are no longer there (which is sad..).

3. My first name:

And, no, my first name isn't "Ass".. (Just wanted to clear that up...)

4. My grandmother's first name (both of them):

  • My Mom's Mom:

  • My Dad's Mom:

5. My favorite food:

6. My favorite drink:

7. My favorite smell:

8. My favorite place in the world: (This is my second most favorite place (Korea!) - the most favorite place turned up no results at all. I sort of expected it, though.. my most favorite place is right here at my beautiful little cottage.. walking in the garden... and just being happy!)

9. My age:

10.The year of my birth:

11.My Pet's Names:
  • Widdershins

  • Jinx

  • Jack

  • Snowdrop

This last is the name of a little dove that is no longer with me in this world, but who will always be with me in my heart... (I miss you, little Snowdrop...)

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