Friday, January 12, 2007


I have received a great number of emails and a few comments regarding my previous post, entitled "So, Did'ja Hear?". Some of the messages expressed interest, others surprise or confusion, and still others anger or outrage at some of the opinions that I had expressed in my post.

In some cases, many of you will simply disagree with me. That's fine. We can't always see eye to eye on everything... and sometimes we will disagree.

In other cases, however, I had a sense that what I had said was not properly understood by those who had sent me messages... it is to these people that I am directing this clarification.

This is sort of difficult, because what I am trying to express isn't exactly easy to verbalize.... it is like trying to discuss an exact point in a cloudless sky... or trying to verbally articulate the edge of space or, for that matter, a universe with no edge or end.. you can briefly get your brain around it, but its hard to put into words... sort of like trying to describe what an orange tastes like to someone who has never eaten fruit of any kind... you sort of fall short... so, I ask you to keep this in mind while you are reading what I have to say, and try to focus on the spirit of my words, rather than on the words themselves. It is the spirit of my message that is important, not the exact phraseology that I choose to convey it... I am trying to express an idea verbally that is inherently non-verbal and non-rational... but I would like as many of you as possible to try to grasp what is in my heart... I think its important. Not to me alone, but to all of us. Every self-aware being on this planet shares equal rights... and we are killing one another.

When I expressed sorrow at the death of Saddam Hussein, many people understood this to mean that I was in some way sympathetic with his actions... or with his personality or character...


I want this much to be clear.

When I was expressing my sorrow at his death, I was expressing sorrow for the person that lies beneath the conditioned attributes and qualities that are a constructed overlay to his basic true nature (this is true of any of us... under the layer of our personality is the true nature of our mind, and of our spirit.. this is what we were when we first sparked into life - clean, unsullied, non-discriminating, and pure).

Beneath all of his choices, experiences, actions, thoughts, ideas, concepts, feelings, preferences, judgments, discernments, and emotions there is a pure 'mind-ground' (if you want to call it that...): The empty canvas or clean slate of a soul, spirit, or mind... the essential fabric of a 'self' that is pure, non-attaching, non-dual, and therefore unsullied and unaffected by all that is imposed upon it during the lifetime of that self.

I am trying to describe the essence and soul of the man... before he had a personality, identity, name, or choices... When he was an infant... or while he was in the womb, or perhaps before that... when he was suddenly self-aware.. and nothing more... at that moment his soul was pure, and clean, and just as it was - neither good nor bad, neither this, nor that... just... so. It is that unconditioned 'suchness' upon which all of his thoughts and experiences were painted and resulted in the personality of the man we came to know as 'Saddam Hussein'. But that all came later... I am focusing on what came first.

This is what I am addressing and this is what I am expressing sorrow for...

At this level, we are all the same... we are all one being.... and we are all worthy of love, compassion, and respect. ALL OF US. Nobody gets left out. What is the worth of a life?? I cannot restore a life, so, to me at least, it is precious. Every life.

What Mr. Hussein chose to do in his life incurred a huge karmic debt that he was bound to have to pay at some point... he was compelled to face justice, and he did so. This is what happens when you take certain actions, and I have no issue with this. At what point is one considered to have paid his or her debt to society? What can such a person do to redeem oneself?? I am not sure that it is possible, which is a sad situation in and of itself.

What dismays me is that he never showed the slightest remorse... and he apparently never came to an understanding regarding the impact that his actions had upon so very many other lives.... and that is shameful.

He left this life without having learned or improved a single bit, but only having caused untold pain and suffering to others.... and he was in a position that would have allowed him to do so much good and bring so much joy and prosperity to so many lives...

If it doesn't disturb the inner tranquility and peace of mind of those of you who contemplate this fact, then I am at a loss for words...

He was a person. He had a life. And it was wasted. Entirely.

To me, that is a very sad situation.

I don't think that there was a better way that the governmental entities could have handled the situation... and am not finding fault with anyone... unless it would be the lack of dignity in the proceedings... but, that is neither here nor there...

What is done is done... but, to my mind at least, an 'eye for an eye'; and soon the whole world is blind.

Violence has never enriched the life of a single person in all of history.

That's all I really wanted to say.

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Nukie said...

It's too bad that you had to explain it again to those who can't seperate The idea of a wasted human life with his actions.

Your idea: "What is done is done... but, to my mind at least, an 'eye for an eye'; and soon the whole world is blind." is right on.